Baby Prep

14815 Bristol Park Blvd, Edmond, OK 73013


baby prep program

Are you expecting a little bundle of joy to join your family? Ensure that yoiur pet is ready for your new baby’s arrival with our Baby Prep Program! This program is available in 10-day and 30-day programs.  Both programs will include working on obedience that is specific to having a baby in the house. Whether it’s heeling next to your baby's stroller, leaving your pet with access to the baby’s things, or desensitization to baby-specific sounds. As a result of our training, your dog will be on it's best behavior around your little ones.

As with all of our programs, your dog will receive one-on-one training with our elite training staff. When not in training, your dog will utilize our fully monitored day care, as well as spending nights in one of our  spacious walk-in suites! At the conclusion of their stay, our trainers will meet with you to demonstrate your dog’s new skills learned during their time with us. For follow-up care, we include a 10-day daycare package to use at your leisure. Whether you and your new baby just need some quiet time or you just want your dog to have some fun and excercise and come home ready for nap time!