Advanced Puppy

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Advanced Puppy Training Program

Our Advanced Puppy Training Program is available to fully vaccinated puppies under one year of age who have completed both our Starter and Level II Programs. This 10-day program will help your puppy master formal off-leash and competition level commands and manners along with getting socialization and enrichment exercises.  Additionally, you get to choose one skillset for your pup to work on from our Specialty Training list.

When not in training, your pup will utilize our fully monitored daycare, and at night, will stay in one of our spacious walk-in suites. At the conclusion of their stay, as with all of our programs, our trainers will meet with you to discuss and demonstrate all that your puppy has learned during their time with us. We also gift you with a 10-day daycare package as well as a 4-week advanced obedience group class to attend with your puppy. This is designed to help ensure that your training is a success!

What will my puppy learn?

  • Level ll Puppy Commands
  • Off Leash training
  • Competition Level training
  • Object Retrieval