Intermediate Puppy

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Intermediate Puppy Training

Our Intermediate Puppy Training Program is available to fully vaccinated puppies under one year of age who have completed our starter training program. In this Level II, 10-day program, your puppy will learn to follow their commands with added distance, distractions and duration. They will learn new and higher level commands.

As with the level l starter program, your puppy will take advantage of our fully monitored daycare during the day and will stay in one of our spacious walk-in suites at night. At the conclusion of boarding school, as with any of our programs, our trainers will meet with you to discuss and demonstrate everything that your puppy has learned during their stay. With all programs, we are gifting a  10-day daycare package and a 4-week intermediate obedience group class to attend with your puppy. This is designed to continue socialization and to ensure that training is a success!

What will your puppy learn?

  • Basic Puppy Commands
  • Distance
  • Duration
  • Distraction
  • Begin Off Leash