reactive dog rehabilitation

Does your dog bark incessantly at everyone that walks by? Are you tired of being dragged down the street by a dog that just won’t listen? Azani Pro is here to help with our reactive dog program! This program is specifically designed for dogs that have trouble focusing through distractions, while on leash or in youir yard or home. We have both 10-day and 30-day boarding school options in order to help work through your dog’s troubles.

During their stay, your dog will get intensive one-on-one training sessions with our exceptional trainers as well as trainer supervised field trips to pet-friendly places. When not in a training session, your dog will be able to utilize our fully monitored day care area as well as be able to spend the night or just some quiet time in one of our spacious walk-in suites. At the conclusion of yoiur pets stay, our trainers will meet with you to discuss and demonstrate the proggress that your dog has made during their time with us. Additionally, we will design and lay out specially tailored training plans for you in order to continue working with your dog at home. For follow-up care, this program includes a 10 day day care package as well as a 4-week group class to attend with your dog to help ensure training is a success!